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Finding the top talent from a large candidate database for recruiters is definitely a crucial, time consuming & tedious task. That is why you need Kapiree, an innovative online screening tool to make hiring simpler, smarter, and more human using asynchronous interviews & candidate tracking system. With automated video interviews and pre-screening , you do not need to worry about the initial basic filtering of hundreds or thousands of applicants. That way, you can also focus more on the already shortlisted candidates from the pre screening process for further stages . This platform is suitable for any industry that requires hiring or pre-screening professionals and for businesses of any size. Kapiree not only makes it easier for the HR team, it also assures seamless user experience to the candidates as they can give interviews at their own pace and convenience.

Join us in transforming your hiring process and discovering the best talent for your organization. Contact us today to experience the future of hiring with Kapiree.

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